To create a "Lubrication Solution" suggests that in many instances when it comes to lubricants, typical purchase decisions begin with the product rather than the application. We know our products well, and our customer service is focused asking critical questions about the application itself and creating real solutions. It is critical in the cases of severe needs and extreme conditions. If the original lubricants or equipment was not doing the job, how can anyone expect that another similar product will somehow have the lubrication solution?

Our lubrication knowledge and industry experience, enables us to match specific products with specific requirements. TO CREATE REAL SOLUTION FOR YOUR INDUSTRY.

We believe we stock the largest range of lubrication products within Australia and Western Australia. We pride ourselves to be solution providers for many industries: automotive, agricultural, mining and industrial sectors. As business partners to recognised brands we need to have be highly qualified, experienced and skilled engineers. We provide lubrication related consultancy services and customised solutions to deal with all range of these lubrication products and equipments.

Australian Distributor for lubrication products of following companies:




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Hanil Lubtec

If you need lubricants or lubrication equipment in Western Australia, look no further. Allwest Engineering Services are major distributor for well known brands for lubrication products. We have products and equipments so we can create tailored lubrication solutions for any industry from owner operators to the largest multi-national companies. We use trusted partners from all over the world, to make sure you have the best solution you need. AES is a one-stop shop for lubrication needs.

Western Australian lubrication products Distributor for the following Companies:

Bulk Supply Tanks

Designers and fabricators of bulk grease fuel and oil tanks.